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FarmGuide is a data-driven tech startup striving to bring all stakeholders in agriculture onto a digital platform, where their individual needs can be monitored, evaluated and addressed to better the future of farming in India

Crop Cutting Experiment

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It has covered twenty percent of Indian population creating a nation-wide impact.
Agri-tech Impact

Time Efficiency

The accurate estimation of average yield helps insurance companies to check if the claims made by the farmers regarding crop loss are true. This facilitates fact-based calculation and timely delivery of insurance policy claims to farmers.


The estimation of crop yields hinges on sound and efficient crop cutting experiments that provide district-wise estimation of yield of crops which are then aggregated into national harvest.

Field Understanding

Considering that the rural areas will not be equipped with a functional internet connection, our App works in both online and offline mode allowing the data to be collected without the internet connection.

Policy makers

The data collected through CCE during various seasons can be used to determine the causes of asymmetrical yield and facilitate evidence-based policy making.

Data Science

By applying advanced data algorithm on CCE data combined with weather and land data, we can tell farmers about crops that can be best grown on a particular field.

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How is it helping supply chain stakeholders


By digitising CCE, we will dynamically shift the entire process from human intensive work to tech based solution, creating scope for better data collection and management.


The system will be integrated with aadhar and mobile number of the farmer to inform him/her about the result of the CCE, nearest warehouses and cold storages.

Insurance Companies

The farm level data will ensure accurate calculation of crop risk, facilitating more targeted and efficient insurance products.

Warehouses/Cold storage companies

Our reports can be used by warehouses and cold storage companies to position warehouses and plan market distribution.