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Crop Advisory

Here's what farmers are learning through our calls

Crop Advisory Calls

With the coming of new hybrids and innovations in seed science, it is essential to train farmers about its potential sensitivities towards pests, spacing water and soil preparation requirements in order to increase yield and make the most out of the seed variety used.

We are telling farmers about various precautions that can be taken in order to prevent losses due to pest attacks, overuse of fertilizers and other agricultural inputs. This will help them adopt best practices based upon the cropping stage and seed variety.

Weather Updates

A location specific and quantified weather forecast can not only meet the real-time needs of farmers but also contribute to weather-based crop management strategies and operations dedicated towards enhancing crop production and food security.

We are providing differentiated weather advisories and forecasts to farmers by linking Information Service Module with Automatic Weather Stations present in their region so the crops can be managed according to the areas in which they are grown.

Natural calamities' possibilities

The agricultural production in India faces risk from natural calamities right from the time of sowing. The farming community is continually apprehensive of floods, drought, diseases and hailstorm that may wipe out months of their labour in a single stroke.

Farmers need to exercise extreme caution to reduce the effect of natural calamities on crop production. To facilitate that,contingency calls have been put in place in case of sudden adversity in weather conditions that could potentially result in overnight loss of harvests.

Mandi Prices

The small and marginal farmers who are typically unaware of the market demand get exploited at the hands of middlemen who have infiltrated the supply chain only to manipulate market prices at the expense of unsuspecting farmers.

To address this, we are providing calls to create awareness among farmers regarding market prices and mandis located nearest to the farm, so they can negotiate and get better prices than what they are getting right now.

Government Schemes

Government has been very concerned for the small and marginal farmers situated all across the country. However, several challenges such as lack of awareness, local infrastructure and absence of robust communication channels create impediment in government efforts and various government schemes remain inaccessible for small and marginal farmers.

Through our govt scheme calls, we inform farmers about scheme benefits and application processes; filtered as per region, crop and cropping cycle. We also facilitate communication channels for farmers to reach out to local agriculture office and seek advisory about new initiatives by the government.

Storage and Warehouses

The farmers are unable to access the cold storage facilities due to lack of knowledge about their whereabouts and their inability to find space in the storage facilities.

Our calls will inform them about the nearest cold storage and warehouses that have the capacity to accommodate their produce. This will not only prevent post harvest loss but also reduce the time taken in decision making regarding transport and logistics cost.

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Value Addition to the stakeholders

CSR initiatives

The rural areas are in dire need of exposure to government schemes, products, health benefits etc. We encourage corporate social responsibility by businesses that are willing to sponsor crop advisories for farmers

Self help groups

The NGOs can sponsor info services for farmers and connect with the farmers on daily basis through calls to spread awareness about added benefits/schemes/events organised by them.

Input supplier

The input providers can engage with the farmers to train them about their products such as seeds, fertilizers and farm mechanization equipments. Through our web dashboards, they can see the real-time performance of their products at farm level.

Financial institutions

Increasing NPAs and high administrative cost involved in updating farmers about regular premium payments is a concern. We help lending institutions in channelising communication with loanee farmers about their financial profiles through calls/premium updates .