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FarmGuide is a data-driven tech startup striving to bring all stakeholders in agriculture onto a digital platform, where their individual needs can be monitored, evaluated and addressed to better the future of farming in India

Direct Benefit Transfer

A largest ever monitoring tool designed for agriculture, to enable administration to reach every farmer. Pilot version is implemented in Rajasthan and being adopted by other states.
Salient features
  • Replicable

    in over 22 states

  • Distribution channel

    targeting over 10 lakh vendors.

  • Customisable

    for every agri-input

Agri-tech Impact

Time efficiency

We are reducing the time taken to transfer benefit to individual accounts of beneficiaries under the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme, resulting in timely payment of subsidy to farmers based on their biometric authentication.


After pilot, DBT is going to be launched in Rajasthan connecting over 25000 vendors, over 12000 government offices and 32000 CSCs at village levels, benefitting over 35 lakh farmers, with a total state government budget of over 8000 crore every year.

This has also attracted announcement of state launch by Chief Minister during global Agri tech meet (GRAM- 2016).

Technical Scale

The user-friendly system enforces aadhaar-biometric authentication by farmers and does away with the paperwork that they currently have to go through while applying for schemes

The farmer also gets a paper receipt along with an SMS confirmation on his registered mobile number for his record, giving them their due entitlement without any difficulty.

Policy makers

Our system generates all administrative & financial sanctions under various schemes online using e-sign & biometric based authentication.

A paper-trail is also maintained at the appropriate authority for audit purposes. This will enable the government to monitor the distribution of fertilizers across the value chain from manufacturers till farmers.


The online paperless system will enable timely release of subsidy amounts, thus reducing malpractices in streamlining input distribution across the agri-supply chain and facilitating transparent and efficient services to the farmers.

This will encourage farmers to use only optimal quality inputs resulting in better yields and reduced input costs.

How is it helping supply chain stakeholders


We are facilitating a two-way flow of information which will enable the government reaches more number of farmer directly, reducing the intermediary cost and duplicacy.


Our product allows farmers to apply for benefits under various schemes through stakeholders such as Common Service Centres (CSC) and seed / fertiliser/ pesticide shops.

Input providers

Our product makes it easier for them to integrate into the system, understand the demand and facilitate distribution accordingly.

Vendors/Local Wholesalers

The local vendors and GSS can use our dashboard to register farmers, maintain stocks, fill subsidy and loan application forms.