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FarmGuide is a data-driven tech startup striving to bring all stakeholders in agriculture onto a digital platform, where their individual needs can be monitored, evaluated and addressed to better the future of farming in India

Data Analytics and Image Processing

Analytics Portfolio

Market Risk Analysis

We use analytic to identify sowing and irrigation pattern, and help farmers make better decisions regarding farming operations by eliminating manual discrepancies by any middleman in the process. This will also help seed and fertiliser suppliers determine the best market for their products.

The CCE data can be used to justify the insurance claims of the farmers and help banks and insurance companies reduce ambiguity in the process. By applying advanced data algorithm on CCE data combined with weather and land data, we can tell farmers about crops that can be best grow on a particular field. Farmers can identify nearest warehouses and cold storage to accommodate their produce. The Mandis and harvest buyers can determine yield and plan accordingly.

Actuarial Science

Through this data, we provide farmers with suggestions regarding best suited crops and other farm inputs, allowing weather forecast companies to customise their research and solutions for farmers. It is used to warn farmers against unfavourable weather conditions to enable them to take precautionary measures to avoid them. The information will also be useful to input sellers, APMCs, Mandis and commodity exchanges.

We are using data science techniques on crops to identify the actual risk associated with each crop and prescribe optimal premium for crop insurance, enabling insurance and bank companies to monitor and customise their solutions.

Agri dependency Index

The land size, income and household data are used to calculate agri-dependency index, which is used to determine how much a farmer is dependent on agricultural income. This will help banks and insurance companies to devise solutions for smallholder farmers and livestock owners and improve the quality of insurance products for farmers.

Logistic Analysis

This data is used to tell farmers which warehouse and cold storage is most suitable for their produce in terms of proximity. This will prevent post-harvest loss. The information also makes it easy to find locations where new warehouses and cold storage can be set up. The food processing companies can use the data to build distribution network in the domestic market that sell their products. The information can also be vital to APMC and Mandis.

The soil health card data combined with land and weather data is used to suggest farmers the most compatible crops and other farm inputs through crop advisory. The information will be useful for input sellers, banks and insurance companies.

Crop risk analysis

Calculation of region-wise crop risk associated with various crops can be identified using our inhouse data analytics algorithms based on weather, soil, past yield and many other parameters. The resultant can come handy for the farmers to plan the farming cycle in any particular season in a specific area.

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Salient Features


Our team uses data science techniques such as machine learning, image sensing and computer vision on data we have obtained so far, to analyse to help agriculture stakeholders to increase efficiency and profitability across their operations.

Data security

Our data is stored on internal servers and can only be accessed on authorization. A significant portion of information security efforts goes into monitoring and analyzing data about events on servers, networks and other devices.

Real Time Data Flow

Our data flow systems are dynamic and transparent. The real time analysis integrated with the dashboard provides customized factual information, statistics and advisory based on the results to the agri-stakeholders.

Ground validation/ cross validations

With our niche knowledge in the agriculture sector, our data validation system makes sure the data is valid. Our data validation procedures use data validation rules to ensure the validity of input data to maintain the security of the system.

Logistics providers

The demand and capacity requirements are known to FarmGuide on a dynamic scale by various food processing factories, cold storages and markets. Through our analytics, we can guide the logistics companies to cater to different areas as per the need.


Agri-distress can be reduced by the government through a better knowledge and awareness about the crop and the risk associated with it. Government can negotiate unrealistic insurance premium amounts and gauge the crisis of crops beforehand. These will act as a preventive measure towards farmers risk reduction.