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FarmGuide is a data-driven tech startup striving to bring all stakeholders in agriculture onto a digital platform, where their individual needs can be monitored, evaluated and addressed to better the future of farming in India

Market Research Platform

Agri-tech Impact


Depending upon their area of interest, the users can apply filters on our market research reports for scope, penetration and customised information about their customer. They will also be able to access predictive analysis for market sale optimisation.

Dynamic Pricing Reports

The pricing of the market research reports is dynamic and depends on the kind of query and the depth of information it demands. Our pricing model is capable to cater to various domains of agricultural stakeholders hierarchy.

Last mile marketing platform

The dashboard allows stakeholders to filter customers and run marketing campaigns through SMS and IVRS recorded calls in language(s) of their choice. This will not only enable stakeholders to connect with farmers individually but also help farmers to identify stakeholders such as local field agents and distribution agents.

Low Customer Acquisition Cost

The reports generated by us are customer-centric and connect the supply chain stakeholders to the targeted audience for marketing of their products and services. This would reduce the customer acquisition cost and marketing cost, optimizing the available resources.

Resource optimization

Our market research reports brings the input providers closer to its targeted market, which is just a click away. This saves input providers from the hassle of visiting the rural markets to study and identify potential customer base.

Salient Features
  • Tertiary Validations

  • Village Level Granularity

  • Homogeneous Primary Data Collection

  • $1930 Avg. Price Of Agri-Consult Report


Input Suppliers

Our market research platform will support input suppliers such as seeds, machinery and fertilisers in deciding suitable product, market scope and penetration strategy. This will help them connect with last mile targeted customers based on real-time reports.


With access to customised and comprehensive reports on fund utilisation, beneficiaries and trends, government can realise its mission of benefiting farmers through its fact-based schemes and policies.

Agri companies and FMCGs

Companies need well-crafted strategies to launch new and maintain existing products. Our reports can be used by input providers and FMCG for brand research, usage and attitude studies, price testing, market analysis, stock allocation research and distribution channel analysis. Research can also extend to advertising concepts and campaign effectiveness.


We can act as a unified solution platform for small and medium scale enterprise where they can access detailed project report, business risk associated with the sector, bank loan feasibility and relevant government schemes and subsidies launched as an initiative and other options in the market to support such business and support their growth.