We Develop for Future.

FarmGuide is a data-driven tech startup striving to bring all stakeholders in agriculture onto a digital platform, where their individual needs can be monitored, evaluated and addressed to better the future of farming in India

Supply Chain Management

Agri-tech Impact

Customer service

Providing a faster, more accurate and easy access to customers information and history as all customer and financial data are hosted in one location. Forecasting and reporting integration in the ERP solution fosters growth and customer services and the best part is that it allows scope of integration of CRM.


Our ERP software systems are robust, flexible, and configurable. Instead of being a one-size-fits-all proposition, they can be tailored to the unique needs of a business. ERP systems can also adapt to the ever-changing needs of a growing business, ensuring you won’t have to buy a new solution once your needs change or your business grows.

Cost Benefit

This reduces the market penetration cost, operational cost, replenishment lead time, transportation cost, labor cost for shipping and receiving, level of availability of product and disputes among chain stakeholders. Stay on top of technology, eliminate redundant process and tasks through innovation and automation.

Streamline Processes

Our supply chain tool can be integrated to support the end-to-end of farm product cycle by connecting the farmer, logistics companies, distributors, warehouses and cold storages, food processing units, FMCGs, food retailers, fast food chains and restaurants etc. This integration will ensure a real time data flow between aforementioned stakeholders.


Centralized data management system will bolster the interdomain/int collaborations between innovative startups to pilot their products to benefit the farmers. Any other stakeholder can collaborate and use our ERP platform as per their area of interest and in turn strengthen the supply chain backbone.

Salient Features
  • Training Free Module

  • Transparent

  • Customizable

  • Scaleable

How does it help the stakeholders

Contract farming

Our automated crop advisories about desired hybrid varieties to farmers will help them cater to the commodity requirement. By integrating farmers with other stakeholders such as vendors, FMCGs, giant food retailers and wholesalers, we are bridging the trust gap and ensuring farmer security, encouraging them to do contract farming in a more efficient and effective manner.

Logistics providers

The demand and capacity requirements are known to FarmGuide on a dynamic scale with the help of our forecasting reports and CRM integration about various warehouses, food processing factories, cold storages and markets. Through our analytics we can guide the logistics companies to cater farm to market solutions and locate procurement hubs.

Harvest Buyers

The harvest buyers can build strong backward linkages by connecting with suitable farmers, farmer production organisation etc. and strong forward linkages by connecting with wholesalers, retailers, exporters etc. to improve its operations.

Input Providers

With access to farmer information, land records and yield estimates, FarmGuide can help input providers meet their demand and supply ratio without compromising on the quality and quantity of the product.

Insurance companies

The micro level farm analysis can be used for computerised estimation of crop failures and curbing false crop failure claims. This will ensure transparency in crop insurance and other such schemes meant for financial inclusion of farming community.

Mobile-based startups

The apps developed by innovative startups to impact the agri-supply chain can be integrated with our web based dashboard to reach out to preponderant users who are using our platform which is CRM integrated.