Following the spirit of Digital India

FarmGuide has created integrated IT solution to enable the farmers in making proper and timely use of the information available through multiple ICT channels including Web Portals, Common Service Centres and Internet Access Points.

Feeding the rising population has become a challenge due to multiple issues faced by farmers which include natural calamities, lack of farm mechanisation, inadequate storage facilities, outdated and tedious agricultural assessment techniques, lack of technical know-how about crop pattern, soil types and chemical fertilisers; lack of proper irrigation systems and so on.

Knowing that the aforementioned issues arise essentially due to the lack of flow of customised information between stakeholders, FarmGuide decided to step into the picture for digitisation and bridging information asymmetry in agricultural supply chain.

The story of FarmGuide began in 2016 with an appetite for digitising a remote village in Rajasthan that soon transformed into a mission to build technology that will better the future of farming in India.

From producers (farmers) to input providers to wholesale buyers to FMCGs and commodity traders, our products cater all stakeholders in agriculture to bring transparent, efficient and time-bound administration in the sector.


Here is what we are doing
through our products

Digitising The Information

By digitising the agriculture management data, we are eliminating the paper-based information sharing among stakeholders that hinders fault-finding and mid-course correction. This will ensure sustainability and credibility across the agriculture operations.

Integrating Stakeholders Into One System

We are integrating stakeholders in agriculture into a digital system through automated web and mobile platforms to ensure secure and smooth flow of information between them. This will enable them to approach and pursue each other to accomplish their individual goals.

Providing Real-Time Flow Of Customised Information

We ensure real-time flow of customised information to facilitate timely and effective communication between different stakeholders to implement best practices for their respective operations. This will make them self-sufficient in terms of accessing resources and performing operations.

We are doing this by

  • Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness through process redesign
  • Create end to end ICT platform and System(s) Integration Services
  • Reducing administrative cost in implementation
  • Create fiscal space for increased capital expenditure in agriculture
  • Gain insights for evidence-based policy making through big data analytics
  • Plug inclusion and exclusion errors from schemes
  • Address farmer's distress by facilitating effective policy-making
  1. FarmGuide started

    7th March 2016

    Embarked on the journey with an objective “To bring digital revolution in Indian agricultural sector, using information & communication technology (ICT) and data science for farmer welfare and make Indian agricultural sector globally competitive”

  2. FarmGuide Incorporated

    21st March 2016

    FarmGuide was Incorporated as a trade mark of Lennon Agritech Pvt Ltd.(Trademark: Farmguide) incorporated B-701, Sarjan Complex, Jesal Park, Bhayander East, Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 401101. FarmGuide is headquartered at Gurgaon.

  3. Team

    12th May 2016

    FarmGuide grows to 15 members. They have been the backbone of FarmGuide in the initial days. Highly capable, talented and self-motivated bunch of 15.

  4. 1st Round of Funding

    10th June 2016

    FarmGuide closes its first round of seed funding, and strengthens its team for upcoming tasks of developing various products such as Girdawari App, CCE App and Crop Insurance portal for the state of Rajasthan.

  5. 1st Digital Girdawari

    1st October,2016

    FarmGuide becomes the first Agritech start up to perform digital Girdawari on the lands of Rajasthan. The process of Harvest Inspection (Girdawari) was human intensive and cumbersome until FarmGuide took a step towards digitising.

  6. 1st Crop Insurance Portal Launched

    24th October 2016

    FarmGuide marks its efficiency in the field of Agritech by delivering its second product in a mere gap of 15-20 days. Providing Uniportal solution for the crop insurance stakeholders such as banks, Insurance companies, Government and Farmers.

  7. MoU with Government of Rajasthan for 10 years

    10th November 2016

    Acknowledging the efficiency and scale of our products, Government of Rajasthan signs a MoU with FarmGuide for the maintenance and monitoring of the Girdawari, CCE, DBT, ISS and Crop Insurance portal for the next 10 years.

  8. Benchmark for our Image processing algorithm

    31st December 2016

    FarmGuide successfully processes 21 lakh square Km of satellite images accounting for 18 states of India.

  9. Rabi Season Closure

    30th January 2017

    This day accounts for closure of Rabi season (2016-17) for farmers of Rajasthan on our Crop Insurance Portal.

  10. New Office

    6th March 2017

    On our 1st anniversary Team FarmGuiders moved to a new office in Gurgaon as we grew in numbers to 25 members. From an all-boys team to slowly taking steps to balance out the gender ratio and maintain good work ethics.

  11. 1st anniversary

    21st March 2017

    FarmGuiders gather for a team lunch to cherish the magnum day of FarmGuide's very 1st anniversary.

  12. 1st CCE

    25th March 2017

    FarmGuide conducted the first digital Crop Cutting experiment on the lands of Rajasthan helping in better Random Sampling of fields, easy and timely claim settlement.

  13. Presentation with Government of India

    4th June 2017

    FarmGuide delivers its first presentation, depicting the scope and scale of work that FarmGuiders are capable of doing for the Ministry of Agriculture, GOI.

  14. Total Land Insured

    10th August 2017

    On this date, FarmGuide marked a level up in its history by insuring a total area of 57 lakh hectares in Kharif on Our Crop Insurance Portal for Rajasthan.

  15. 3 Years of Contract with Central Government

    14th September 2017

    Acknowledging our success in Rajasthan, Government of India awarded the work order to FarmGuide to develop and maintain the all India Crop Insurance portal.

  16. Office in Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi

    20th September 2017

    Not only did the Central Government of India signed an agreement with FarmGuide, but also provided FarmGuide an office to setup the server, develop the All India Crop Insurance portal and operate from the Krishi Bhawan Office. FarmGuide now accounts for two offices of its own in Gurgaon and in Krishi Bhawan.

  17. DBT and Dashboards for private players

    25th September 2017

    FarmGuiders are now working hard to integrate DBT with input subsidy schemes and launch the alpha version of dashboards for its private players.