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FarmGuide is a data-driven tech startup striving to bring all stakeholders in agriculture onto a digital platform, where their individual needs can be monitored, evaluated and addressed to better the future of farming in India

Harvest Inspection

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After pilot run in 9 districts, Chief Minister Of Rajasthan has announced for statewide online girdawari.

Agri-tech Impact

Time efficiency

Our App has brought about dramatic reduction in time taken by the patwari to fill the girdawari form, eliminating the trip made by him to the office of the revenue board.

Earlier, the compilation of data took three months or more, and reached its final draft only after the next season had arrived.

Data authenticity

Currently, there is 80% variance in terms of land usage pattern and what has been reported. This is mostly due to the fact that farmers have no way of knowing whether their Girdawari has been correctly filled or not.

FarmGuide is addressing that by providing individual messages to farmers about Girdawari receipt and validating details through its IVRS system.

Field sweat

In order to strengthen data supply chain from the bottom, FarmGuide took the initiative and developed the app within 9 days, starting from the scratch as we translated the forms from urdu to english while understanding the complexities of the process.

The app was launched in Uniyara tehsil of Rajasthan by Principal Secretary of Department of Revenue, garnering Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s appreciation and announcement for its state-level implementation.

Policy Making

The data forms the basis of the development schemes and policy formation regarding pricing, distribution and foreign trade of farm products, that account for the majority of consumption for the population.

The timely and smooth flow of region-wise sowing report between stakeholders can help the government, which is directly dependent on this data for relevant and efficient food distribution.

Data Science

We use analytics to identify sowing and irrigation pattern, helping farmers make better decisions regarding farming operations. It is also used to eliminate manual discrepancies by any middleman in the process.

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How is it helping supply chain stakeholders

Warehouses/ Cold Storages

Our harvest density mapping can be used by warehouses and cold storage companies to better plan market procurement, decrease buffer stock and post harvest losses.

Input Suppliers

The input suppliers can use the reports to determine the demand and plan product distribution accordingly, facilitating higher crop yield and sustained agricultural production.


Apart from dynamic transmission of land census reports from field officer to sub-district , district and state level; we aid government in formulating and monitoring development programmes. The app facilitates accurate and reliable land usage statistics, that gives the totality of the effect of implementation of their programmes.

Food Processing Companies

Food processing industry serves as a vital link between the agriculture and industry segments of the economy and it is critical to strengthen this link to prevent wastage of agricultural raw material. The food processing companies can use the distribution report to set up processing plants and minimise the logistics and transport cost.