Meet the passionate faces behind FarmGuide

We are a bunch of creative, competent, tech-obsessed, data-struck, mutually-respectful people in pursuit of building epic products. And when we are not doing that, we are simply being awesome

We work with only one motto

"Bringing something new to the table”

The workforce at FarmGuide acknowledges that contribution made by each one of them is massively affecting the agriculture sector and this reflects in the culture of the organisation.

While focusing towards taking FarmGuide to its pinnacle, the team also enables each other in maximising their productivity. The challenging opportunities that each one of us gets on a daily basis keep us going.

“Ownership” is what dictates the work culture at FarmGuide.

Encouraging brilliance in ingenious minds

As much as we believe in breaking barriers and accomplishing the unthinkable, we also ensure that if we are working hard, we party harder.Be it birthday celebrations or occasional brunches, we ensure a steady detox program to stay optimistic and reduce boredom.

For the sake of encouraging creativity

While 100% attendance at work is beyond the realms of possibility, we at least try to ensure that not anyone who has worked timelessely all week misses out on the quirky game sessions on Friday or crazy outings that we keep organising every now and then.

  • Nikhil Toshniwal


    A 2014 IIT Delhi Graduate and a former Gramin Bank intern, Nikhil aspires to revolutionise the agricultural sector in India. He believes in pushing his team in pursuit of something they would never be convinced they could achieve otherwise. He is endlessly savage and admirably thoughtful at the same time, and that's precisely what has brought him to where he is today.

  • Deepak Sharma

    Tech Architect

    The Technocrat of FarmGuide, Deepak defines responsibility and ownership. Needless to say, the most pivotal part of the tech team, Deepak is a self confessed fitness freak who takes the responsibility of the team with utmost competence and authority.

  • Abhinav Prakash


    His vast experience makes him the most practical and sought after person at FarmGuide. With an eye for detail, Abhinav has a knack for unraveling the unkown. and is touted as the "Birbal".His bold outlook helps in formulation of the most realistic strategies at FarmGuide.

  • Farhan Ahmed Khan

    Backend Developer

    As one of the most experienced members of the Backend team, Farhan's name echoes dedication and trust. His contributions to the team have been nothing short of monumental. A perfect mentor for the new additions, Farhan is the "old monk" of the FarmGuide family!

  • Om Prakash Gupta

    Backend Developer

    Another key contributor to the Backend team, Om Prakash joined the team at a pivotal point. He not only became a part of the Backend team as a developer but also contributed as an Android Developer. Known for his hardwork, OP as he is called by the team, took on challenges for the team early on in his association with FarmGuide.

  • Divyanshu Tyagi

    Backend Developer

    One of the earliest members of the FarmGuide team, Divyanshu has been one of the key contributors in building FarmGuide from the scratch. Often referred to as the "rock" element of the office, his love for heavy metal and his unparalleled dedication towards FarmGuide is what he is reverred for by his team.

  • Shubham Bansal

    Backend Developer

    Shubham joined the Backend team in April 2017. What drew Shubham to work with us was the fact that he found the impact users of FarmGuide quite unique and requisite. The fact that the work here affects the essential agriculture stakeholders is what excited him the most. When not on his screen, this 'Robin van Persie' loves to show off his skills on the football field.

  • Nitin Kumar

    Backend Developer

    The newest addition to the backend team at FarmGuide, Nitin is quite the 'copy cat ninja' as he likes to call himself, learning something new from everyone. What sets him apart is his passion for numbers and clarity of concepts. Being a part of FarmGuide has given him the right mentorship to grow exponentially.

  • Tarang Agrawal

    Full Stack Developer

    A BTech in Computer Science, Tarang works with unmatched passion for the products that we build at FarmGuide. Also known as the "All Rounder", Tarang's tenacity has earned him his rightful tag of the Product Manager. His growth and career graph are true testaments of how talent is nurtured at FarmGuide.

  • Ankush Saini

    Frontend Developer

    This NSIT graduate loves to do things fast yet thorough. Ankush has been an invaluable addition to the Frontend team who took up too many responsibilities too soon. In addition to writing codes, Ankush loves to travel and party like there is no tomorrow.

  • Avdhesh Nigam

    Frontend Developer

    Avdhesh enjoys turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs.His approach towards complex tasks is what makes him stand out at FarmGuide. When not coding,one can find him in the gym or on the dance floor.

  • Swati Gupta

    Frontend Developer

    Sheer commitment and the drive to grasp the most out of everyone defines Swati. For someone joining the team quite recently, Swati has been an absolute joy with the way she has shown maturity and taken up tasks. The fact that her work is contributing to making footprints in the agriculture sector is what drives her passion.

  • Sambhav Jain

    Frontend Developer

    Being given the responsibility of owning the product at such a nascent stage, Sambhav has come a long way in pushing his capabilities after joining FarmGuide.The endless opportunities and exposure with amazing leadership have helped Sambhav in honing his skills. This tea lover enjoys binge watching Friends and trying his hands at cooking every once in a while.

  • Ankit Gupta

    Frontend Developer

    Ankit is a self motivated and a passionate coder who has joined the Frontend side of FarmGuide recently. With strong Javascript fundamentals, he is always looking to learn something new. Apart from coding, travelling is what takes up most of his time.

  • Satish Sharma

    UI Developer

    One of the oldest employees, Satish has been a part of the FarmGuide journey right from the beginning. Working as a UI Developer.

  • Rajnish Kumar

    Software Developer

    An IIT-D Graduate in CS, Rajnish is a simpleton who joined FarmGuide to satiate his appetite for learning new technologies. An athlete and stand up comedy lover, Rajnish has wowed everyone with his knowledge and hunger for learning new things.

  • Vinay Kashyap

    Graphic Designer

    The cool dude of the team. His work shouts elegance and class. There is nothing that Vinay cannot turn classy. Easy and aesthetic workflow, an exceptional conceptualization with an eye for sophistication and panache - that's Vinay for you.

  • Kartikeya Prajapati

    Creative Designer

    The creative bug of the team - one can expect craziness and imagination come alive with his work. Being the creative designer, Kartikeya makes sure that his work is a perfect amalgamation of professionalism and fun, be it a poster, animation, presentation or a website.

  • Hitesh Sharma

    UI Developer

    Like everyone else at FarmGuide, Hitesh juggles the role of UI Developer and a QA with much comfort and composure. A part of the team since January, what keeps him excited is the vast array of responsibilities that has helped him in honing his technical skills.

  • Shradha Sharma

    Relationship Manager

    With a vast experience of banking and agriculture technologies, Shradha is a quick and keen learner with an eagerness to explore newer avenues. She has handled projects at FarmGuide effortlessly. Her adaptive and dedicated nature fetches her a perfect place in the team.

  • Gaurav Singh

    Data Scientist

    An IIT-D graduate, Gaurav is passionate about creating something impactful. At FarmGuide, he is working with the Image Processing and Machine Learning team to create models that would assist farmers in taking better management decisions.

  • Jaspreet Singh

    Android Developer

    Jaspreet has been working as an Android App Developer with experience of 3+ years . The concept of working on Android app that solves the problems of farmers is what excited him the most about working with FarmGuide.

  • Sourabh Singhal

    Android Developer

    The most recent addition to the Android army, Saurabh joined FarmGuide with the view of contributing towards a mass impact. You would find this avid gamer attending various conferences and networking with other developers when not coding for the greater good.

  • Gaurav Srivastava

    DevOps Engineer

    Having professional experience for linux server/system administration and AWS infrastructure, Gaurav justifies his mammoth experience by handling the servers with much ease and elan. In addition to handling IT infrastructure resources, he loves to write tech-blogs and keep himself updated with the latest technologies.

  • Vipul Verma

    DevOps Engineer

    A linux lover and DevOps engineer, Vipul is as hungry for food as he is for learning new technologies. A dog lover, traveller and a part time photographer, he is the man behind Farmguide's beautiful team pictures.

  • Sachin Mishra


    Sachin has been serving the FarmGuide team with his enthusiasm and assiduity since October last year. Working here as an Accounts Administrator, Sachin handles the funds, general administration and all things legal. He has proven his loyalty towards the team and manages to surprise everyone with his grit and resilience.

  • Sahil Goel

    Software Developer

    Part of the DB Administration team, Sahil manages the database of FarmGuide. Armed with an MCA, Sahil's dedication and diligence have helped him grow in his role at FarmGuide.His love for food and travelling is what keeps him busy off work.

  • Ashish Kumar

    Database Manager

    With a Bachelors degree in Economics from University of Delhi, Ashish has been in the field of data engineering for more than 3 years. Needless to say, he loves working with data and deriving insights. His rich experience in the field contributes to his skills of analysing the data in a seamless manner.

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Business Director, South Asia- DuPont

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